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        Sandvine's Analytics solutions leverage machine learning-powered traffic classification and unique quality of experience key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide network operators with unmatched visibility into their network. 

        With the right data and analysis, network operators are empowered to make decisions based on facts, rather than assumptions and guesses. However, insights are only actionable if the data foundation is trustworthy and crucial information can be accessed by those who need it, when they need it, and in the right format.  Sandvine's Analytics solutions leverage unique traffic classification and measurement technologies to provide network operators with unmatched visibility into the network and its users. 

        Whether operators are monitoring KPIs in real-time, exploring data through interactive dashboards, using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to find hidden relationships and trends, or sending a stream of data records into a big data engine, Sandvine takes the guesswork out of network analytics.

        Use Cases

        Performance and Operational Monitoring
        Proactively troubleshoot problems in real-time by monitoring service performance and quality indicators
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        Service and Subscriber Analysis
        Understand the delivered QoE of individual subscribers or subscriber groups
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        Real-Time Subscriber Insights
        Understand an individual subscriber's experience on your network
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        Performance Analysis
        Understand how your network is delivering services to subscribers
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        Capacity Planning Analysis
        Data-driven network planning focused on customer experience improvement
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        User Behavior and Demographic Analysis
        Monetize your network better by understanding subscriber behavior and trends
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